Saturday, March 9, 2013

Pepper Pyramid - (Hologram) Experiment

May Allah`s peace , mercy and blessing be upon you

Nothing nerdy this time, I just wanted to share this experiment about pyramid holograms. In fact, many people prefer to call it Pepper Pyramid, called on John Henry Pepper who created the Pepper's Ghost effect. The principle is simple, the four sides of the pyramid are made of reflective glass or plastic so they can reflect four images taken from the sides of the object or scene, and they reflect each others which makes the object looks in a 3D way.

So here are some not very well pics due to the poor camera and the darkness :

My setup :

You can get those images from here, and I made two videos but for some reason Youtube is throwing errors on processing them, here are the used videos : diamond, teapot.

And here is a making guide :

This looks a little bit flat on pictures, but I highly recommend that you make this and see it with your own eyes, have fun !!

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